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A Home Safe at College

By Kimberly Parker

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When my parents suggested I bring a safe with me to college, I told them they were crazy. Dorm rooms do not have a lot of space in them, so you can have a very limited amount of things. Also, I didn’t want my roommate to think I was suspicious of her and I needed a place to lock my important things away from her. I really wanted us to get along and I was trying to do everything I could for this to happen. I thought a safe was incredibly unnecessary because, obviously, the dorms would have plenty of security, as well as fire alarms. However, it ended up being a very good idea; an idea which I am very grateful to my parents for suggesting.

One afternoon I was in class and my roommate was alone in our room. All of a sudden the overhead light exploded, startling my roommate. She wasn't hurt, so she ran from the room and called the fire department, They quickly came and put out the fire before everything could be destroyed.

Because the room was so small, a lot of the things in it were damaged by the explosion. My side of the room was much more affected than my roommate’s side, but everything I had in the safe was untouched. Even though I didn’t bring all of my valuables to college with me, I did bring many pictures of my friends and parents, as well as some jewelry and a small figurine of two little girls playing on the beach my grandmother had given to me before she died. Except for a few of the pictures, all of these things were in the safe when the room was damaged. I also had put my notes from class in the safe earlier that day in a quick attempt to clean up because I knew one of my friends was coming back to my room with me later. I was so grateful for having put these notes in the safe, because it would not have been easy to replace them if they had been destroyed, as it was almost three-fourths of the way through the semester.

Even if it does seem like a silly idea to you, I would recommend people bring fire resistant safes with them to their dorm rooms at school. The fact that I had a safe in my dorm room prevented me from feeling the stress that I saw my roommate going through. She was able to grab her book bag on the way out of the room, so she did save her class notes, but she lost such important documents as the campus housing agreement, her class registration information, and many of the pictures she had brought with her to college. I know I will always have a fire resistant security safe with me, wherever I am living, for the rest of my life.