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Our Customer Commitment

“Our success depends on your satisfaction. Each of us is committed to finding the best solution for your needs”. 

There are precious few companies that truly understand this business. Most saw an opportunity to sell just another product amid the thousands of products they already sell. These folks simply cannot be experts on safes in the manner that we can. Why? Because safes are what we do. We understand our products and the challenges that you face, and we want you to know that day to day we operate our business based on the following philosophy:

Our Common Job Description

Safe and Vault Store has built employee success on a few simple principles. No matter the job title, we expect everyone to:

1.   Concentrate on Customers
Since 1948 the employees at Safe and Vault Store have worked hard to build a reputation for absolute customer satisfaction. We understand that in order to create a great experience for our customer, we first need to work well amongst ourselves. We believe that customer service starts on the inside with the way we think and how we treat each other. The respect and appreciation we show for one another is translated into teamwork that is intensely focused on satisfying our customers. 

2.    Seek Self-Development and Growth
We recognize that our success is dependent on our ability to continuously improve our skills and the way we do business. Continuous improvement is a way of life at Safe and Vault Store and the company, as well as the individual, invests time and resources in our pursuit to improve. Because this philosophy is such an important ingredient to our success, Safe and Vault Store encourages and expects employees to seek self-development opportunities that allow for continuous improvement. 

3.    Practice Good Communication and Teamwork
A substantial amount of time is spent communicating with each other to help us better understand how we can improve our relationships, processes and customer satisfaction. Our work environment demands each individual commit to serving each other as we serve our customers. This includes demonstrating respect, honesty, dependability, and a keen awareness that we are appreciative to give back to the community that gives to us. 

4.    Focus on Efficiency 
In order for Safe and Vault Store to continue to provide career opportunities for our employees and the best value to our customers, the company needs to be efficient. Each employee understands that they must continuously seek ways to connect every task with value. This means being able to deliver ever-improving quality with lower time/resource investment. We do this in a way that is morally sound, ethical and offers a safe environment for all.