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Burglarized Safe Photos

Why you shouldn't store valuables in a Fire Safe (see photos below)

Having been in the safe business for over 60 years, we have seen many situations where safes have been burglarized. We share these photos of burglarized safes with our site visitors to help you learn and apply this knowledge in selecting the best safe for your specific needs. Apart from offering some of the best prices on the Internet, you will also find Safe and Vault Store to be one of the most informative sites online. This is exactly what we aim to do for you - give you the best solution for your specific needs at the best price.

The photos below show two different fire safes that were burglarized using hand tools that you'd likely find in a home garage. In both cases the door has been peeled apart and the safe opened. It likely took these burglars some time to open the safe but ultimately, as the photos show, fire safes can be defeated. Fire safes are weaker than safes that have been designed for burglary protection because fire safes have a thinner gauge metal surrounding several inches of fire protection material. The lesson to be learned is that you increase your risk when you store high dollar valuables and cash in standard fire rated safes. A Burglar Fire Safe is the only way to store high dollar valuables and have the peace of mind that the safe will fight back. The photos below demonstrate how easy it is to break in to a Fire Safe.

Burglarized Safe Burglarized Safe

Burglarized Safe Burglarized Safe

Alternatively, if you place your high dollar valuables in a burglary rated safe, you also expose yourself to loss due to intense heat generated in a fire. The answer is to purchase a Burglary Fire rated safe. You get the best of both worlds with these safes since they protect against both types of threats.

The photo below shows an old fashioned safe that was burglarized using a blow torch.

Old Fashion Safe

The photo below shows a safe that was manufactured in the glory says of mining (circa mid -1800's). Burglars in those days used explosives such as dynamite and nitro-glycerin to open safes. The safe was engineered to prevent pouring nitro-glycerin around the door. It is an absolute marvel of a safe. Too heavy to steal, this safe weighs close to 6,000 pounds and cost approximately $1,500 back then. In today's dollars it would be close to $34,000.

mid 1800's safe