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Owning A Home Safe

By Ryan Allis

The following article is about home safes and home safe contents: what you should store in your home safe or safes, how large a home safe should be used to keep your items safely stored, protecting items from fires, burglary, water-damage, via home safe usage.

Owning a personal safe for your home is a critical step in planning for and protecting your family's security. Just like writing a will, buying a safe and organizing its contents is a chore most of us put off, simply because the thought of needing it is such a grim one. However, this simple purchase can provide you an immeasurable amount of comfort, protection and organization.

A safe will protect your valuable papers, such as that will that you've been putting off writing, in the event of a fire. In addition, a small safe weighs about 200 pounds, has pry resistant doors, a combination lock, and can be bolted to the floor or a wall. These features are a great deterrent to thieves, providing an excellent place to keep valuables. A home safe is particularly convenient for storing your jewelry, as there is no need to visit the safety deposit box every time you want to wear it.

Owning a home safe - burglar and fire safeA personal sized, Burglar/Fire safe with a fire rating can be purchased very inexpensively - potentially less than $500. If you are currently paying for a safety deposit box at the bank, you will recoup your investment in no time. These small sized safes can be stored in a closet or other out of the way place. Unless you are a gun owner, or have collectibles that need to be stored, this small sized safe should provide plenty of room for your valuables and important papers. Safes can be purchased at many online retailers or at safe and vault dealers.

When organizing your new safe, don't forget to include items such as birth and marriage certificates, social security cards, passports, car titles and property deeds. In addition to keeping these items safe in the event of a break-in or fire, I find that having a safe is very convenient because all of our important papers are located in one place. So stop putting it off, take some of that tax refund and invest it in protecting your family's valuable items.